What It’s Like Being In Love With Your High School Sweetheart Years Later

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I had saw him multiple times. I went to all his soccer games. I even knew his name but otherwise I knew nothing about him. Until, Valentine’s day…

        They always tell you “It’ll happen when you least expect it..” I had just gotten out of a relationship (when I say just, I mean the boy still gave me a teddy bear and chocolates). On valentine’s day, my high school played a silly little game that I owe my relationship to; All the girls would wear paper hearts around their neck and the first boy who talked to them that day won the heart. Little did I know, my actual heart was a prize in this game too.

       Your high school love is suppose to be your learning curve for all other relationships. Usually it’s the first time you’re feeling that can’t sleep, can’t eat kindof love. It’s that fantasy love that we all watched in the movies. We watched the likes of Sam and Austin fall in love in A Cinderella Story, Danny and Sandy in Grease, and Edward and Bella in Twilight.  I never imagined, I’d be one of those girls.

     Even now, I always question it. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve told my boyfriend, “we’re done” because of my own insecurities. It’s still unbelievable to me that someone could meet fifteen year old me and want to spend everyday with me until we die. No matter how many times I say goodbye, we always manage to find our way back to each other. I have an amazing man who has known the perfect time to step back and let me find myself but also,  the best times to not let me go. My life is the furthest thing from a Rom Com so why am I living one?

    Growing up we have faced judgement from a lot of people. “You need to play the field to know what you want.” “You’ll never last so stop wasting your young years.” I knew people who loved us feared we’d never live but for four years we did long distance.Yes, the long distance sucked. I missed him but I’m so appreciative. I got to create my own experiences, I made my own friends, and I knew he was always a phone call away if I needed him. It was okay waiting because I knew eventually he’d be home. I knew we’d eventually end up together.

  Here’s the thing, people think you can’t know love until you have lost it. You have to have your heart broken at least once to appreciate your one true love. All I have to say to those people is your wrong. The one who broke my heart the most was the one I least expected to, It was my high school best friend. I was always told to put your friends over boys because “Boys come and go but friends are forever,” but in the case of High School Sweethearts, it’s not true. My high school sweetheart was the one who was there each time I cried over her. Being in love with your high school sweetheart should be a synonym for being in love with your best friend but weirdly, I didn’t know that until this year.

I started this blog post with the intention to tell you how it felt to still be in love with your high school sweetheart seven years post graduation but the thing is, I can’t. It’s indescribable. It’s the best feeling knowing I have someone who has grown up with me, who knows everything about me but still chooses to be with me, who fell in love with me when I was going through my awkward stage. It’s magical. I knew his childhood dreams and I’m watching them actually come true for him. It’s also scary. It’s scary to know I have built a future with a boy who is my high school sweetheart which only 2% of similar relationships have lasted.

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