It’s My Blogiversary

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       Three years ago, I quit my job, I left my friends, I packed up my bags, said goodbye to my childhood home and hello to my future. Little did I know that, that move would cause me a depression that had me questioning everything. I hated my apartment, I had severe FOMO scrolling through Instagram, I hated the town I was in, and I blamed it all on the boy I threw it all away for. There was constant tears, fights where we ended everything, and there were many long car rides ‘home’.What if I said it was all worth it? It was all worth it because it caused me to start this blog three years ago today.

My friends would send me snapchats to help me feel included on nights out but honestly, it made me feel the exact opposite. I watched my best friend at the time fall in love thru snapchat. I watched my best friends all laughing together and I was nowhere in sight. In New Hampshire, I felt so alone. I knew I had to make contact with the outside world even if it was thru the internet. Late one night after receiving a snapchat of my friends out on the town, I opened my computer and started typing about my Pop Sugar Must Have Subscription box I had gotten that day. Three blog posts later, I had found a job and started to make real life friends. My blog took a back seat and was forgotten about until one day, I felt that alone feeling again.

Did I have any clue that night that my blog would become successful enough that I would be paid to blog? That I would get so use to being sent products that I don’t want to pay for them now? That I would get a job because of my blog? No, I never thought any of that. I started my blog to get my mind on anything but what was happening back home.

I was made fun of for my blog. I had girls going up to my best friend telling him “Who even reads her blogs? That’s so embarrassing.” On multiple occasions, I wanted to quit but my gut kept telling me not to. I started it so I wouldn’t feel alone anymore so why let them make me feel that way again?

Well, guess what… Three years later and those girls now compliment my blog to me. They question how I get sent things. They congratulate me on my success.

In the three years I’ve been blogging I have learned a lot, not just about the internet either, I learned things about life and myself. Most Importantly being never let someone stop you. I know it’s easy to let fear stop your happiness but you can’t! Life is found outside of your comfort zone.

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