My Favorite Networks for Free Products and Paid Blogging Oppurtinuties For Smaller Bloggers

Blogging is hard, Networks make it easier.

Everyone I know thinks blogging is easy. I even had a friend say to me one time, “I think I’m going to start a blog to make a little bit extra cash.” I bite my tongue and encouraged her but in my head all I could think was I wish it was that easy.

We all dream to make money with our blogs but it can be hard! It’s not impossible, even for smaller blogs I’d say it’s 100% possible., It’s just a lot of work. Luckily, networks make it easier. Okay, I keep mentioning this magical word but have yet to tell you what they are and why they help.¬†Networks are when a company networks with other companies to post either paid or unpaid opportunities for bloggers to apply to and partner with them for campaigns. Usually, you do have to apply and be accepted to the network before you can start applying to the campaigns. Networks make it so much easier for bloggers because you don’t have to dedicate the time researching, proposing, and reaching an agreement with companies on your own.

What are my favorite blogging networks? I do have favorites but they’re all my favorites for different reasons. Some are for paid campaigns and some are for unpaid campaigns but each one of them is special in their own.


  1. Obviously Social–¬†Obviously Social is campaigns for Instagram and Twitter. They ususally have paid campaigns but paid or not you have a chance to win a corgi. Think of a Corgi like a reward point. When you reach 3 corgi’s you receive $20. One of their campaigns sent a blogger and their friend on a trip around the world!
  2. Influenster–¬†Influenster isn’t paid but I am always receiving great products from them. I have received PR packages from huge companies like Giorgio Armarni, Loreal, and many more. My most recent box was a Burberry lip box, it’s my favorite thing I’ve received from blogging to date!
  3. Social Native– Social Native is campaigns for just Instagram. All of the campaigns I have participated in with them have been paid. The great thing about Social Native is they show you your analytics from the campaigns you have previously done. It gives not only you but companies an idea of what to expect from you.
  4. Izea– Izea has campaigns directed towards blogs and your social media accounts. Each company is looking for something different on Izea. On Izea, you have more control. You are bid on campaigns kind of like Ebay. Yes, the company ultimately has a say on how much they want to pay but you get to decide how little/how much you believe your work is worth.

Do you use blogging networks? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram for daily style inspiration.

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