My Three Tips on How To Pitch Yourself

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  I use to walk into job interview with sweaty palms, a pit in my stomach, and even sweatier arm pits. I never felt like my answers were adequate. I would go in with the mindset that they probably had much better candidates than me and I was going in to lose the job. Over the last few weeks I have gone into job interviews with confidence, poise, and always leaving knowing I put my best foot forward. What changed me from being that meek and mild girl I was prior? The answer is blogging.

 In blogging, and in life, one thing you really should know how to do is how to pitch yourself. Here are my useful tips for pitching yourself in the blogging world that really can be altered to fit job interviews.

  The first and most important key thing in pitching yourself is switching your mindset from an individual/blogger and switching it to the brand/company. You have to see everything from their perspective. Take into consideration the company’s messaging, sales goals, and their audience. Stop thinking of yourself. Don’t think of what you can gain or your skills think of what they can gain from working with you and why your skills are perfect for them. A lot of people focus on themselves and in the end that is their down fall because you are not connecting to the brand. You’re seeing the two things as separate when it should be all about the brand. Once you make it about the brand, pitching yourself becomes much easier.

1.Pitch an Idea.  In blogging, many girls send out general emails introducing themselves, their blog’s, and their numbers in hopes that, that would catch the company’s eyes. Unless your numbers are insanely good, you will not stand out. Remember what I said early, make it about the brand. Do your research! Know their latest product launches, know the history behind the company and like I said earlier, turn it back to them. Utilize your research and come up with an idea that could showcase your talent and showcase them as a brand.

When walking into an interview, most of us have previous job experience. Most of the times the experience will get you in the door but it will not make you stand out unless you make it. Tell them how the experience has shaped you and turn it back to their company. Pitch them the idea of your experience being what they need.

2. Provide all of the details. Brands get a bunch of emails a day from bloggers hoping for a collaboration. Make their lives easier and provide all the details in that first email. Don’t be vague especially when pitching. Don’t just say I would love to do a blog post styling your clothing. Tell them that you want to do a blog post styling how to wear their clothing on a date night, to the movies, with the love of your life, when you only have an hour to get ready. Details help you set a scene in someone’s mind which always makes things more relatable.

3. Build a lasting relationship. People are drawn to people they like. Always make sure you’re putting your best foot forward with your content, your pitch, your emails, and any interaction. This is important because even after you get the job or the collaboration you want, you still need to make sure you are working on the relationship.

These three things have made me more confident in myself in real life but has gotten me great collaborations with companies like Seventeen Magazine, Lulu Lemon, and Her Campus. Do you have any tips for pitching yourself for me? What is your go to advice when trying to sell yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

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