What Has The World Come To?

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Let me set the scene for you here.

   I was going into work at 8pm to work The Dark Knight Rises movie premier. There was an excitement in the air for the new movie. My coworkers and I had drew bats on our faces in celebration of the release.  As we were prepping for the mass amounts of people we were about to serve our boss comes over with a serious look on her face. Suddenly, there was more of an anxious feeling.

   Our boss told us that there was a threat against our theater. At the time we had construction taking place at our theater. One of the workers had just been fired and was promising to get revenge during the midnight showing. I still remember the feeling of shock and disbelief that someone had threatened our theater especially since we had no control. The theater had contracted a construction company out. We had no say in who they hired or fired, why would he threaten us? Our boss didn’t have much more information other than “If you see something, say something.”

  As the night went on the excitement picked back up but there was still a subtle uneasy feeling in the air. On break that was all we could talk about. “Have you seen anything suspicious?” “Isn’t it crazy? What would we do if something happened?”

  After the concessions sold the employees had our own midnight showing. We all got our popcorn and pilled into a small empty theater with our friends and family. We told our guests what had been going on at work all night. You could see that uneasy feeling we all had spread across their faces as we told them. Luckily, the movie took us away. We escaped reality and forgot about the threat.

  As I left the theater I let out a sigh of relief. Everyone was safe and nothing had happened. 

   I woke up the next morning to the news that not everyone was as lucky. In Aurora, Colorado there was a shooting during the premier at a Century 16 movie theater. Twelve people died that night. My heart dropped. That could’ve been our theater. We had the threat.

   I have always been an anxious person but I’ve never thought it could happen to me. Ever since that night, I make sure to always check for the nearest exit. I always have an escape route in mind if something were to happen. I am no longer sheltered. I know it doesn’t matter who you are. In this day and age that’s something we have to think of.

   Yesterday I went to see Beauty and The Beast, it was a busy theater. My mind kept going back to that night.  What has our world come to that we have to be aware of our surroundings as we relax during a kid’s movie.

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  1. Wow Christina. That’s so crazy and scary. Every time I go see a movie, I think about that shooting and you’re right, it shouldn’t be that way. Thank God you were safe and nothing happened at your theater!

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